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There is a recent post that just basically says 'fuck TOR' and it catches unfortunate amount of attention in the wrong way and many people seem to aggree with that, so it's about time I rant about a rant!

First of all, TOR never promised encryption. It's just used as an anonymizer tool which will get your request through its nodes and to the original destination it's supposed to arrive at.

Let's assume you're logging in over an unencrypted connection over TOR and your login information was stolen because of a bad exit node. Is your privacy now under threat? Even then, no! Unless of course you had decided to use your personal information for that login data!

And what does that even have to do with the US government having funded this project even if it's 100%? Are we all conspiracy theorists now?

Let's please stop the spread of bs and fear mongering so that we can talk about actual threats and attack vectors on the TOR network. Because we really don't have any other reliable means to stop a widely implemented censorship.

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    "Fuck tor" is also a very good clickbait. But in that case, it was really meant that way...
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    @sudo- I believe that post to be pure clickbait, It is well known that TOR was first developed for militiary communication stuff
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    @gitpull @rezn0v I don't care about it being a clickbait but I care about it because people seemed to jump on the train over that fear mongering. We're still a small community here although I'm not posting frequently I would like to discourage similar content. @Lasagna
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    Found the NSA shill
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    Well it is no secret that NSA owns a very large portion of the nodes and had been successful more than once at effectively nullifying the anonymity of a user, resulting in criminals getting arrested. And I have known it way before the rant you refer to. Thus, that rant does have grounds to speak on. And you should explain how the facts it presents do not compromise security. Being funded by US government does not say anything on itself, indeed. But the amount of nodes the government holds, does.
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    @Teabagging4Life I agree with that and that's what I meant by legitimate attack vectors on TOR network. If I recall correctly, the NSA was successful in correlating the encrypted packages getting in and out of TOR, resulting in the loss of anonymity to a certain extent which is another reason to take more countermeasures if it comes to that.

    Those records of criminals having been arrested was not because TOR was being unreliable/insecure, but those criminals thought they were behind a curtain that rendered them invisible. See the Silk Road as an example.
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    @Kulijana hahah fuck off.
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    ipfs ist becoming a really nice way of stopping a widely implemented censorship

    i.e. wikipedia, rfc, xkcd, ... are now impossible to censor against ipfs nodes
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    @rezn0v and the post wasn't even a _good_ clickbait.
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