Can anyone tell me the difference between VPN and this proposed concept of Mr. Wang?

“Your Private Browsing Isn’t as Incognito as You Want It to Be” https://medium.com/popular-science/...

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    I think the only difference to proxy servers is that the servers are hosted by random people.
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    @deadlyRants but isn't that the same as browsing through the tor network?
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    @irene exactly what came to my mind when I first read this article, I mean why would you introduce something as new technology which already exists??
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    @irene that explains everything xD
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    I'm guessing the graduate students in MIT and Harvard know what they are doing.
    It's similar to SSL rather than VPN.
    BTW this guy's name is NOT So Wang 🤦‍♂️
    God damn it
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    Sounds like tor to me
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    they are just trying to sell old tech to stupid people by creating some buzz words. It's basically like most kickstarter projects ;)
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