Me, trying to create a LaTeX document: *googles "latex string comparison"*
Customer and boss walk in.
Google: *shows NSFW results*

I.. Let...- Let me explain, it's not what it looks like!

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    yup. I had a job where I was required to surf weird porn sites all day. it had a legitimate reason...
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    Damn 😅
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    @Cyanide @wolt hunting for mobile malware can be really annoying. really weird sites.
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    Use DuckDuckGo with its NSFW filter (default on) and no more problems!
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    A colleague of mine has a tendency to search for UNIX man pages on Google without any hesitation. Google of course likes to propose images among the results.

    So far he has been stung by:
    man curl
    man tail
    man date

    And also when getting familiar with C:
    c string
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    @wolt Well, depends on what you mean by "weird".
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    @magicMirror Researching LaTeX Libraries...?
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    @Benedikt the Russian deep web. not to be confused by dark web, and not indexed/searchable, as strange as it sounds.
    duck did not not help. unless you *are* aiming at porn sites...

    @HackedPixels no. .... 🤔
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    Ddg safe search ?
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    Should have said that it's exactly what it looks like.
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    @Benedikt Isn't Google's SafeSearch results on by default? The user has to disable it.
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    @M-Arcus Are you by any chance Dutch? Searching latex string comparison doesn't give me anything nsfw, but latex string vergelijking definitely does...
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    always happens with me, never remember that LaTex means other things 😂
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