Who the fuck hires wix developers ?

Do you need someone to drag and drop for you?

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    what is wix?? never heard of that...

    Edit: after googling: wtf, I don't get it as well @Cesar 😕
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    Don't ruin that position. I'd love to get paid to be a "wix developer"
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    Wait do people actually get payed for that?
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    Its amazing how lazy people can get.
    They rather pay money than learning the simplest of things.
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    I did it for a while. It was a nightmare. Cross site scripting on Wix being blocked by network security software (as it should be) made it so the client couldn’t upload photos to his own site. Never again.
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    I’ve been hired once to edit a few pages. Easiest $200 I made 😂
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    Wix developer's a thing?
    Think I know what happened to some art students..
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    Wtf seriously whats there to develop. I see lots of ads on youtube from Wix and popular celebrities explaining how they themselves created a website.

    Not sure
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    Try to look at it from the point of view of, say, an auto body repair service. They fix dented cars. They don’t know jack about design, add-on apps, or a dozen other things that are no brainers for us. “Do I need a form or can I just show my email address? Where should I put my logo? Will people like this design more than that one? Do I need this SEO add-on?”
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    @DVN-Anakin I agree wholeheartedly. I used to clown on WordPress people. Then I tried doing it.

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    @FuzzyMyztiq That's just because WordPress is an abomination in itself.
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    Is wix really still a thing?
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    Wix Developers are a thing because, like any CMS, Wix also allows you to maintain, customize, and extend the features of Wix.

    It's been years since I looked into Wix. Last I checked, you could make your own Wix templates, also known as Wix Apps.

    So yeah, Wix developers will be needed for such tasks.
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    Wait wut they exist? I know you can get a design helper from wix but someone to make the design?!?
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    I literally get paid for dragging and dropping...
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    I literally get paid for dragging and dropping...
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    I thought the same about WordPress few years ago when I didn't know the whole WordPress dev community exists.
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    Haha wix development is a speciality am going to have to charge you double my hourly rate, drag and drop is a complex task! May even have to bring in some external help!

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    Wix Certification > Zend Certification
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