So this PR company hired my firm to convert their client's Wix website to WordPress to have better control over content and SEO, not to mention get away from the piss-poor "absolute position everything" setup of Wix. This is a single page design. 2 days later, we deliver it, performing faster than Wix and with a few extra goodies on the UI.

The client's director of IT wants to stay on Wix, because it's "the most secure provider", and will only move their ONE PAGE INFORMATIONAL WEBSITE to another platform and host if they answer a 133 item "security questionnaire". Short of SSNs, they want to basically know everything, including our proprietary and confidential security practices. You aren't Google...stop acting like you are...

How are people this stupid a "director" of anything?

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    I don't think single page need WordPress. But hey. You got be unique

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    Well, they do have stupid IT director but why did you mention they we're not Google?? If you've got security practices, you don't reveal it to anyone.
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    @Aitkotw @AlexDeLarge my point was more that they were acting like they're a multi-billion dollar corporate giant when they have a one page information website with a single field form for newsletter sign ups. But yes, you don't reveal security practices to anyone.

    As for it being in WordPress, most of our projects are in WordPress, which is completely unnecessary, but they want to be able to manage it afterwards. Otherwise I would have just made it in flat HTML with an AJAX call for the form.
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