Good people of devRant, hear me! Today is a proud day, a day of happiness, peace, and prosperity!

Theatrical opening lines aside, I need your help. I have finally completed the setup for one of my long ongoing projects and need some input from experienced developers of any kind. I've recently started a blog focused around building a community for people who want to learn more about all engineering disciplines or want to see if they would like being an engineer. The majority of the content will be posts about various topics that relate to either specific disciplines or engineering as a whole, and cool projects you can do to work out what is fun to you.

HackTheWorld.io is the URL and I'd welcome any feedback you can give, from design to development. I used the hexo framework, which is a static html blog generator that I then upload to a web host via FTP. Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas form posts on the site, feel free to leave those as well. I've got a few I'm writing now that will hopefully help some people out there.

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    You can getter better visibility and feedback in the collabs section 👍
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