When you want to go home from the airport but some morron names his hotel "at home"

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    that's some marketing ingeniousity! 😲
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    @heyheni but it doesn't work for people who already have a home in berlin. So everyone who would search that.
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    we now know where you are
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    @calmyourtities congratulatuions, you know what hotel I'm not going to stay at.
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    Name your child "DROP TABLE customers; --" and let him book a room there
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    @teganburns actually this surprised me: the at ("zu" in German) also isn't in the question. So the real answer of my actual home would even gramatically be more correct. But the AI isn't smart enough I guess.
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    @teganburns well i asked "nach" which means something like towards home (in the direction) but the hotel is called "zu" which means at in the sense of in the location.
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    @teganburns take me home actualy worked. Thanks for the idea, i only know how do I get home
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