Interviewer: Explain me deadlock and we will hire you.
Me: Hire me and I’ll explain it to you.

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    @CoffeeNcode nope!! Although it was helpful to break the ice
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    Is this circular thing they want?
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    @sunfishcc true. This was just an icebreaker. I further went on to explain deadlock to them.
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    @sagr what kind job did you apply? Tell them if someone ask this question on stackoverflow, it will be closed straight away because of off topic 😂
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    @sunfishcc clg based internship in some petty company.
    So true and i anyways wasn’t interested to work for them
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    what a stupid interview question, they are total idiots, seriously ....

    Interviews goes in both sides ;)

    Yet no one ever asked me a question, it happened only once, and she is recruited ;)
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