Fuck yeah.

Last year our government voted out new mass surveillance law through like it was nothing AND with a huge amount of votes in favor and hardly any against. (remember that the government is *supposed* to represent the people of the country)

A few students made a referendum happen, 48 percent of our people came to vote for this.

The first exit poll results are about 50/50!

I'm happy as fuck, damn!

Sorry for this slightly political posts and if this entirely violates all terms, I'll remove it. I thought this fits, though, because of what this new law.

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    Yup I'm happy too. I cant wait for the results
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    How is the law even allowed under the wider EU GDPR law?
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    Although this shows that only half of the voters are against, it also shows that the fast pushing through wasn't the right thing to do and that this law needs work :)
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    Good Luck staying free!

    Unfortunately I’m already in a country with mass surveillance laws.
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    @windlessuser Because it has "strong" oversight. I highly disagree on that one myself but yeah, the politicians and the EU don't :/
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    @linuxxx I read the rules the other day; political posts in relation to technology is ok.

    But stupid shit like #FuckTrump that has 0 tech relationship is not ok lol
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    But turnout is only 48% which means like only half the population even cares about the referendum? Aka everything is ok... Do whatever you want?
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    So if I did the math right, 50% of less than 50% of the population want the new law. So... 25% of people want it, 25% of people don't want it, and 50% of people aren't technically savvy enough to care.

    These numbers make me sad.
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    @billgates I wouldn't say that 'only' half the population makes this law 'okay'
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    @linuxxx i am not saying its ok but the turnout for the vote seems to say like ppl arent that interested compared like Brexit... though seems only 72% so yea maybe my impression i wrong...
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    @RiderExMachina in my country 25%(from 50% who turned up) of people voted for a shady government...

    Democracy is a little flawed.
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    The no-voters seem to be fucking winning 😍
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    That's brilliant! Go Netherlands!
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    @billgates A lot of people initialy were like wtf "intelligence and safety act" I don't understand it, why should I vote for that?

    Along the way, the debate and TV coverage has informed a lot of stupid people about privacy and the cons of dragnet laws, and people started caring a bit more.

    Brexit was easy, the name kind of explains what it was about.

    Also, we have a non binding referendum, and government admitted up front that they don't care much, and the whole referendum law will be rescinded again anyway.

    A no vote will not stop this law, but through the debate a lot of people have at least formed better opinions on it — and the government knows they're risking backlash if they don't thread carefully.
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