"The difference between SSDs and HDDs is that HDDs store data on spinning CDs inside the drive"
-- a 3rd year CS student

Spinning CDs?? CDs?!?!?

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    Idiot, everybody knows they are actually small vinyl records!
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    Sounds perplexingly similar like some people I knew in mandatory marketing lectures who thought they understood technology.
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    there is no more hope for the world

    *commits suicide
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    @alesg What are you, stupid? It's actually a tiny monk reading and writing millions of ancient texts a second.

    Everyone knows that.
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    Explaining it to a pleb, this might suffice to visualize it..
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    3rd year CS student??? CS student??
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    But a CD is only 700MB, I think he meant spinning DVDs 🤔
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    You don't know?

    SSD - Suck Small D***s

    HDD - Hold Double D***s

    And if you think I'm lying, next time, better search Stackoverflow before asking such questions here.

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    ok but is the data written differently than it is on a CD?
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    @ParkCity Yes. Hard drives store the information in a raw format, specifically in 512-byte sectors. Compact Discs, on the other hand have the data encoded using a special format of the Reed-Solomon error checking code, called CIRC. This allows for data recovery in the many, many cases of lightly scratched CD's. In other words, the encoding used on CD's allows you access to 100% of the original data, even if, say, 20% of the data has been physically destroyed.

    Pretty interesting stuff.
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    In hdds there are discs. Very compact discs indeed. So compact disc... CD... I will just leave now...
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    Well, if you go down to the letter...
    He is not wrong...
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    Wait wait wait!!!
    You are telling me there is no tape inside of an HDD? 😱
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    @Rohr No, the ones with the magnetic tape were the old-school soft disk drives (/s). Very hard to find now... Speaking of which, I have an old tape drive sitting here next to me...
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    @AlgoRythm well didn't you know ot was children of monkey screeching differently at an amazing speed for if their mango is good or bad and then placing another mango on conveyor if necessary.
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    @Gogeta70 i know 😉 was just kidding around :)

    But I am impressed that you still have one ... And also tapes (with data?)
    How comes that you have those things around? Is it still a productive use case? :O
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    @Rohr I was being sarcastic :P

    When I first started working for my employer 6 years ago, this was the only server they had their server room and they were still doing backups to tape 😓

    I was finally able to decommission it about 3 years ago and the picture I took was of it sitting on the shelf, not doing anything. lol

    I do believe the tapes actually do have data still on them. They're actually supposed to be destroyed, I just haven't gotten around to doing it yet. They've been sitting on my desk for about 2 weeks (my boss had packed them away) so I should probably do that...
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    @ParkCity completely differently. Data is physically burned into the surface of a CD using a laser. Once it's burned, there's no going back.
    HDD platters, on the other hand, are comprised of really tiny magnets, the polarity of which can be switched many times.
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    @xewl true, but he didn't say "like a CD" and there were no plebs in the room (bar him), just other CS students and professors.
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    Bless you to heaven and back for never using an apostrophe to pluralize those acronyms.
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    @bahua Lol you made me check my comment to see if I used an apostrophe to pluralize the acronyms... And I did. Does it make your brain itch? 😂
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    A person has a gap in their knowledge that you know about.

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    Oh come on... A lot of people confuse 'CDs' and 'disks'
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    @alesg three words:
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