Train conversation between 3 girls:

A: "Oh, I've got 4G.. "
B: "What, we have 4G!?"
A: "Yeah, it's almost as slow as E"
C: "I know, right?!"
Kill me pls

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    A strange thing to hate.
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    Well atleast they know IE is slow that's a plus
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    @sam9669 I think they're referring to Edge the technology, not the browser.
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    We're they iPhone users? Not trying to generalize but for some reason, those kinda girls where I live are nearly always iPhone users...
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    Well, depending on the phone model, they could be referring to HSDPA, which some phones show as 4G, and while it's true it's worlds ahead of EDGE, it's not as fast as LTE (I think it's 21Mbps or something along those lines)
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    Maybe she was referring to friend E: sitting next to D: 😉
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    I feel you bro
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    @linuxxx iPhone was created for noobs, that's why it's the bestseller
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    @DonMcCoy I think you mean tech noons though, right?
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    @linuxxx exactly mate.
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    It sounds like they're just some youngsters who simply don't know/understand something. If possible, you could maybe explain to them what the little numbers and letters next to their signal bars mean (if it isn't too weird, of course). Everyone has to start somewhere!
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    @ramisa As admirable as that sounds, no one wants to be in a situation where you get told off for just trying to help. Youngster or not, it's pretty harsh when someone tells you to basically fuck off and mind your own business, which is something I've experienced plenty of times , no matter how sensitive I am to the scene/person/situation.
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    I don't know where you live but here in the UK this is a common complaint. It's technically wrong but their annoyance is not unfounded.

    The HSPA+ networks are slower but so much more reliable than 4G/LTE. People have phones with faster connections but they aren't as stable. This results in a negative association with the little 4G symbol.

    I have seen great speeds on 4G networks but overall I have probably spent more time waiting for it to get its shit together than with 3g.

    It's like the difference between a super fast plane that makes you wait an hour to get on board vs a slow train that takes longer but gets there at roughly the same time anyway.
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    @benoliver999 This. 4G technologies are more *capable*, but whether they're performing well depends on the region, implementation and phone.

    Especially when your phone works only on a small subset of the frequencies your provider uses, you can have a pretty bad experience. With my oneplus I used to have a measurably worse speed on 4G in my house, because there is an old 3G tower on my neighbors house, and my provider only had a single LTE band overlap with my phone.

    The lesson you should learn from this is that you should buy a good WiFi router, and never stay outside for long.
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    Here in the Philippines, the LTE is used widely on the metro areas, they are already throttling the speeds, so it's sometimes slower than HSPA+. But the rollout of LTE-A will change that (seeing 4G+ on my phone, but hopefully that doesn't mean it's just using CAT4. CAT4 is already sooo dated).
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    Kill me plz . This is how shitty internet is in my country .
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