In college we were assigned to groups for a semester long project. One of the guys in my group made it abundantly clear that he had been programming far longer than the rest of us and that this project was beneath him. On the other hand, at my school the program for graphic design and development shared many core classes that required programming knowledge. It was common to encounter students who had no experience at all even in intermediate level courses. Fast forward to the end of the semester right before finals. We are working on this project together and one of my team members accidentally creates a directory in the wrong folder(graphic design student). So the experienced guy, who had become convinced that we were only slowing him down, tells him to just type "rm -rf /". Everything on this poor kids whole hard drive...gone. Design projects due the next week all deleted. He ended up having to retake a few of the courses simply because that dude was a dick.

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    Step 1: Obtain a weapon of some sort
    Step 2: Kill that fucking cunt
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    wow talk about a God complex
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    Kill the "experienced guy".

    Now, having said that, why was the poor kid using Linux if he doesn't know what "rm -rf /" does?🤔
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    @fckIE probably using one of those expensive mousepads with an fruit logo.
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