Being 100% serious, I saw a guy in my Computer Programming I class using MS Word to write code that he would copy, then paste into notepad. When I asked him why he did that, he said, "Microsoft Word is easier to read than notepad."

He ended up dropping the class and changed majors.

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    There is literally no better way that could have turned out.
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    My current CS class we have to write code in our editor then copy paste into word to turn it in. It's the dumbest thing ever and I guarantee there are people in my class just writing it in word.
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    Theory of natural selection in action. Long live Charles Darwin.
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    Fuck natural selection!
    It's both awesome and !awesome!
    But the the !awesomeness pushes the awesomeness off of the cliff
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    Good for humanity .... !!
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    We need someone like that, to balance things 😅
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    Maybe he doesn't know a better solution. If your school doesn't tell him that ides exist. You could have helpt him by telling him about a ide
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    I recently had code in MSWord, too. But only copied from Notepad++ and because I wanted to see two pieces of pseudocode open at the same time and didn't want to mess with multi-instance Notepad++, saving my temporary documents somewhere and so on. And the original Notepad can't be set to black, so of course that wasn't an option. :D
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    Good luck with camelCase in ms word... 🔫
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    Word is better than notepad, because Ctrl+Z is better and you can make your own syntax highlighting. I'm only being half sarcastic.
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    @AL1L It only makes sense when you copy text from an IDE into ms word. Otherwise I'd at least use Notepad++.
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