so i guess ill use my code.org teacher for this:

"credit card information is encrypted with the public keys"

"lists and arrays are the same thing"

"javascript is a powerful, fast, programming language" (bhahahaha)

"javascript is [only] used in web browsers"

"java and javascript are *extremely similar* but not the same"

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    @Condor Let's go with "instructor" -- instruction has nothing to do with actual learning.
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    I wish Javascript was actually only used in web. It is a pain to work with it on mobile (React Native!!) A lot of things to take care of because of the slow ass performance. But the only upside for it is writing code once and running on both Android and iOS!!
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    @gitpush isnt react native just compiled to native code?
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    @musician not everything, I used JavaScript inside views, flex for styles and all UI elements are in Js files.
    They have a bridge between native and JavaScript, I can call native components from js but I doubt everything is compiled to native tbh
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    @musician the js code you write runs on js core. So say you have a button. You define an onclick in js, the button is created through native code, but when it is clicked, your actual js code runs.

    All the creation and communication is done through the js-native bridge which only supports json strings. So you could imagine the performance issues you'd face on lower end devices as soon as your application becomes more complex.

    But on the plus side, you write code once for both platforms, if you architecture it correctly, you could even use quite a bit of the business logic on web as well.
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    Javascript is actually really fast thanks to Googles V8-Engine. Its also extremely flexible because you can alter objects and classes on the fly and even save functions in variables.
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    @gitpush probably an unpopular opinion but I enjoy react native very much. Sure the performance isn't as good as native apps, but it's not slow by any means. (Remember performance mode is off when in DEV mode)
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    @MrCreeper1008 It sure is faster when dev mode is off, but still isn't good for real world apps, it is good enough for a single task app, like Instagram (though I find it bugy sometimes) or a simple email app. But not for an app that needs to talk with hardware, or process good amount of data
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    @dennis-dem javascript is not really fast in comparison to compiled languages. but yeah, v8 is a big improvement over other engines.
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    @calmyourtities ok, its mediocore fast
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    Well, number 1 could be true... right?
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    @linuxxx it's possible, but not really practical. for a 2048 bit public key, you can only encrypt 245 bytes with standard padding, so it wouldnt leave room for much else. moreover, the teacher said that they are, not that they could.
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