I hate school, but I wish I finished collage…

Just to imagine all the free time I had, I if I had it now I would do so much... But I left and Got employed, and now I have to watch myself getting fucked over salary wise and not learning anything new at work. Constantly being called junior just makes me wish I stayed in school. And use the extra time to do my own company

So if I had the chance , I'd go back... But I have bills to pay! (Sad)

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    May I ask when you left?

    I actually also quit business school and don’t have any degree except for high school.
    However, I started in a startup where I had the opportunity to show what I’m able to do and got lots of responsibilities and learned a lot in a short period of time..

    I’m not a junior anymore because of that since about 2 years, which is the time I would have finished my education.

    I’m currently also looking for a new position where some companies want to give me a junior title, however, once I finished the coding tests and got interviewed, many of them changed their minds.

    Regarding salary: try to build a dependency to you (by working hard and knowing the project better then anyone else), then those are good reasons for a raise.

    Keep rocking it;)
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    @just8littleBit actually for the last like 6 months I've been supporting the entire backend infrastructure alone, doing some very nonstandard stuff to make sure even the data analysis team gets to work and the business teams get to deliver faster

    But I guess my boss is just playing stupid with me saying they don't have enough money

    Ow, and just to add... The entire tech team left except me...Now they have a new one that had to start from scratch.
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    @letterman then you probably should get a raise..

    However, in my honest opinion, you can’t expect to ged rid of a junior title in just 6 months.. I’d at least give it s year..
    that’s the price of quitting collage I guess.
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    @letterman if your boss isn't ready to pay you at least negotiate for a team lead position ask for a offer letter that says team lead or something similar that's what I am doing
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    @thevariableman yea, me too:) not official though.. but a great opportunity to learn and grow.
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    My case is different.

    My school is nothing but giving us students tons of homeworks and tests.

    Thanks for it I learned to make to-do and manage my time but still I have no time to learn my own things.
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    @tyu1996 IMO haha do the bare minimum, and be focused on what you want. And get mentors. You'll be fine
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    @thevariableman this is a good idea, will do that . Ask for a letter that says senior or some cool thing
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    @just8littleBit make it official and think about writing a certification exam if you have a certification degree won't be an issue
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