Why am I so curious?

You are always talking about Arch linux. Well, I got a second hand (very old) laptop to use as a backup, as I am going to working from home and I just have a desktop pc. So I decided to install Arch on it just to know how does it works. After this first experience, I would change it to a lubuntu (I am talking about a Celeron with 2GB RAM).

Well... I managed to install Arch. It is up and running. Lot's of problems to fix yet, sound, native wifi (I am using a wifi adapter that just works on any linux distro) etc but I am fucking in love with Arch! And I can't use it to work, as it is very unstable and I really need everything always up and running to work. I cannot have any glitch with the computer or I can lose a deadline.

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    Celeron with 2 GB ram? 32 bit?
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    @fun2code Huuum, you are convincing me. I'm gonna to use it on this experience period. If I have any problem, I will change to lubintu.

    I installed lxde with the default window manager (open box).
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    @Linux it is 64! I thought it were 32 too, but I booted it with my Mint 64 pendrive when I first used it.
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    @fun2code thank you so much! Actually it is already installed. I installed it yesterday. Sound is working. Wifi too (but I am using wpa_supplicant so I would have to reconfigure if anything changes).

    I installed lxde and it is working fine. It will be enough to use my Gmail. :)

    But really thanks! I appreciate your help. Information is never enough. :)
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