*Clears throat*

Holy fuck I did it...

*wipes away war scars*

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    Can't wait for the summer to reinstall Arch.

    Currently I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 because I can't personalize Gnome in 16.04 the way I want :(
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    @SnuKies I did it just so I had the experience under my belt... Was fun as hell
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    Welcome buddy 🤜
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    I installed it this weekend too in an old laptop. I am in love with arch!
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    I’m really trying to get to prepare i3wm on my new arch usb install, but I’m just too lazy on my computer
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    You can wipe away your tears, but the scars will remain...
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    @DevPre thanks!

    It's just bog standard gnome but in using a custom version of the United gnome theme with suru icons.

    In still editing the theme so I might throw it on GitHub once it's done

    Edit: oh and in using the dash to dock extension with a user theme applied
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    @pacohojaverde but what doesn't kill me makes me... Stronger
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    @nblackburn nothing wrong with a bit of gnome in your life
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    @LeFlawk I love gnome man, was going to throw KDE on there for something new but went with what I knew and loved
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