My first programming language was PHP and lately I've started looking for a new language to learn. My first idea was C, but after talking to professors in college they pointed out Java would be a good option. They made fair points regarding our local market and job openings. Now I'm in doubt: C or Java?

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    Depends on what you want to learn. I've been in the same path that you are (initially php, now something else to learn).

    Took C/C++ and worked with it for about a month - didn't like it at all. It is great if you need the control but personally I didn't like it.

    Took Java and worked with it for almost 2 months (until I had to focus on php again for work). Liked it very much as it was easy to understand, implement, work with. Of course it had its own drawback - it's JAVA (sorry Java developers :) )

    At this point I'm still split on what should I learn as a second language as I'm still wondering on what I want to do besides the web development :)
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    Go language + block chain = $100k/year
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    @zvyn I'm curious now, isn't Java supposed to be this very popular language with more job openings and running in billions of devices? Also, thanks for the recommendations! Python is already on my list :)
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    @potata same here, I still don't have a clear idea about what I want to do beyond web dev. However I'm really interested in AI, machine learning and so on, which points me to python. But I also want $$ soon, so I thought about Java... Yeah, I'm confused.
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    Neither C nor Java are something I'd personally do for a living. C is too.. "hardcore" and Java get's pretty wild pretty fast and is unusable with a good IDE and awareness of it.

    Go with good 'ol C. It reteaches you the basics how stuff actually works and let's you do things other languages do not.

    My opinion.(:
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    @Kirk oh and btw I don't hate JavaScript, just to answer the question in your bio.:D
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