GDPR done right. 😂😂

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    It's funny because it's true.
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    Yeah that's basically what every company has done.
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    Nothing is free.. If service 'is free', your data is the payment..
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    @sladuled stop posting this bullshit. Some stuff are free
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    @enclaver so izjeme, ki potrjujejo pravilo..
    But I think 'If you're not paying for the product, you are the product' is kinda on the spot. At least for most (if not all) widely popular social platforms.
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    It's all Greek to me :p
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    @enclaver could you give me 3 example of free service?
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    @gajahterbang Gitlab, Grafana and Redmine?
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    @matsaki95 I'm Greek man :) just saw the Greek Twitter and wanted to pun the ranter! Cheers!
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