Legacy code :)

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    So true that I smiled.
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    In The Sims I would delete the house and keep the balcony.
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    *Deletes the balcony*
    *Other side of the house collapses for no freaking reason*
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    Seems like it’s there for no reason but every once in a while a cat climbs down from the roof, catches on the balcony, then glides down the gutter. It goes across the lawn and resets a timer to an un-detonated piece of ordinance from a long forgotten conflict. Remove the balcony and everything seems fine at first, looks better, seems smoother, but you have altered the path, the cat will go another way with out he balcony, and one day everything will just blow up.

    They will blame you for removing the balcony. They won’t be able to explain why it broke it, and you won’t until you’re digging through logs and finally you find the dead cat in the rubble and you reverse engineer how this worked before.

    You there’s nothing you can do at this point but start to cobble together another structure and hope you’re not building on un-exploded bombs again!
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    It's load bearing code
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