A store in Russia was robbed for 30k$ using ArtMoney.

ArtMoney is a Game cheating program that is used in games that have no AntiCheat system or it is insanely horrible(Cookie clicker as an example for a game that had no anticheat and ArtMoney is used in it)

The robbers placed orders for tech(like phones and laptops) and then used the program to change the prices from thousands of dollars down to 5$.

The cheat program is insanely easy to defend against or detect its changes.

This is a good reminder to check your security if youre adminstating things like online shops or other stuff thag can be targeted at a similar fashion.

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    Art money searches for hex addresses containing a value. That means something was running locally in order for it to be searched. So you are telling me that store had no validation on the backend?

    If that the case then they kinda deserved it
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    Reminds me of changing dollars to (insert worthless currency here) in the javascript api (using the debugger) of some shop plugin to get a 99.9% discount. You could even change the receivers email so the owner wouldn't even receive the pennies of the original price.
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    Totally deserved.

    This is akin to leaving your life savings in a piggy bank outside your house and trusting it not to get stolen.
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    Sounds like the good ol days you used CheatEngine to do the same with hex values on client side games.
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