This one guy REALLY WANTED to work on the hardware (aka arduino in this case) part.

After hours of trying (with 8 guys) of get it to work on windows which just didn't happen, he still refused to even live boot into a Ubuntu machine.

At the end of the day one of the members went to sit down with him to talk about it and the guy finally gave in.

Two seconds into Ubuntu and arduino was successfully up and running!

Then, every day whenever he didn't get something, he'd just do nothing for the entire day while claiming to be working. The team leader sat down with him and I did too, offering him to sit next to me for a day to see how backend stuff went (I was the backender).

Did it but it just went back to the same old bullshit.

I honestly don't mind it if you find it difficult to ask for help but if you, after numerous chances and conversations, still don't do shit, sorry but fuck off.

He was a nice guy and blamed his autism for it but that's just not how it works.

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    I get that it can be hard by the way but if you get offered dedicated guiding and help multiple times and every time it's turned down or nothing changes afterwards...

    We still have a project to complete on which grades depend for other people next to you.
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    @Condor Asperger, thanks, he had that one
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    I HATE people labeling themself with autism, ADHD, food intolerance and other crippling disorders just because they want an excuse for not commiting/working, more attentions or they just want to do what they want how they want:

    they're being disrespectful to the people really crippled by those diseases and current society support them and condemn who tries to confront them.
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    I'm also someone with Asperger's, this story makes me sad. The person seems like someone who isn't equip to having this sort of job and isn't willing/able to equip himself.

    It is true people on the spectrum often find it more difficult to ask for help. It's something I struggle with becuase I find the experience very uncomfortable and whilst it's irrational I fear if I ask for help the other party will think I'm stupid or something else unexpected will happen.

    The difference is, I'm actively working to overcome this limitation and if push comes to shove, I'll ask for help.

    This person clearly isn't working out and probably isn't ready for this sort of position.
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    Undiagnosed but high functioning AF.

    Wasn’t really on the radar when I was a child, so parents just thought I was weird so beat it out of me (read: moaned until I stopped being weird) 😂
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    @Condor @seriously
    Also have Asperger's syndrome. I agree with everything you guys have said. That is all.
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    @Condor fuck man @Condor, fuck... You have Asperger, have been homeless, I don't get it... We, humanity should take advantage of people like you, you should be living in a nice house paid by an university and teaching others, or even work with government software... Or some shit like that.
    I keep seeing dumb fukers in leader places while real smart people get the lower jobs... Specially when the fukers then fuck the smart people out of spite and geleous...
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    @RodrigoF or, when they aren't dumb asses they're intelligent and sociopath. Maybe intelligent people are more sensitive or have a greater sense for injustice.
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    As a dude on the spectrum (Highly Functioning Aspergers) I have to agree with @Condor 💯% that the dude is just a lazy cunt, and thanks to @Condor for saying it.

    I’m not sure what the work laws are like where you are but I would politely and firmly show that man the door.
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