Many people / engineers around me talk about trendy stuff like Cybersecurity or AI and show off what great encryption and neuronal networks they 'have built' ( I would rather say 'using').

I kinda get the feeling of 'Everbody talks about it - no one really knows what's goin' on inside (especially those guys who hate math and even algorithms).'

Am I just stupid or does somebody else here feel the same way? I mean people have been doing serious research about this stuff for years. And currently many kids are coming up with it as if it is easy stuff like the bubble sort.

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    the Best crypto-algos are basicly Math(AES, RSA)
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    If anyone claims their encryption algorithm is secure and it hasn't been vetted by professional cryptographers around the world for years and years, I'm going to call bullshit.
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    Yeah I know. It's still a hot research topic. I'm just a little annoyed, because I prefer working on fundamental research regarding algorithm optimization, math and similar stuff. And everyone around me is like 'Why do you do (mathematical) stuff which does not focus on creating stuff / products?' while they are using AI frameworks at the same time. Honestly, sometimes I feel kinda lonely. 😥
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