The Nintendo switch has been out for a while now. The one thing no one has ever addressed, how are the joy-cons charged?! I can't see any connections in between the console and the controller. And teardowns don't reveal induction coils.

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    The connector pins are at the bottom, inside of the groove you slide the joycons in to connect.
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    @liamcottle Fucking impressive!!!
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    @JohnScott pretty neat eh ! I only knew they were there as I’ve been looking at the custom firmware that can be installed due to the Tegra X1 exploit. You have to join a couple of the pins to get the Switch to boot into recovery mode
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    @liamcottle Do you think they'll ever make a hardware revision?
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    @JohnScott No idea, but there’s been a few articles from sources close to Nintendo saying there won’t be a revision this year. Apparently they’re going to try drive more Switch sales with accessories than hardware changes. If they were to do a hardware revision I would expect Bluetooth, mainly for the use of wireless headphones. Definitely a let down on Nintendo’s part that the switch doesn’t have such feature... having to resort to 3.5mm jack...
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    @JohnScott They cant really do a hardware revision as the exploit is with the Nvidia SOC and not how the switch uses it. Guess they could disable Recovery but that can cause more problems for them.
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    nintendon't need to bow to your silly laws of physics and engineering.
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