At job interview.

They: What would you describe as your biggest character flaw?

Me: *rolls d8* I pretend not to understand the local language in order to avoid interactions I would rather not have.

They: What?

Me: ¿que?

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    Me: Well i'm always trying to improve upon my weaknesses whenever I can. I've been told I can be stuck up or too cocky sometimes.

    *Takes off coat revealing a T-Shirt that says "I could be wrong, but its highly unlikely"*

    Me: I've been working on it and I think i've come a long way. It shouldn't be an issue anymore.
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    My responses to certain questions can be too vague, albeit rather delightfully constructed; which may impress upon others the illusion that I know more than I say.
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    "I legitimately do not worry about practically anything since the military has desensitized me to the effects of stress or most feelings that are totally normal to the average 20 something male. As far as I am concerned I only need to worry about my family and their needs. Anything other than that is a threat level .5 and I can safely work through it."

    Manager didn't believe it, and I am pretty sure she does mind when I am not upset about something.

    I try to stay calm on everything which makes people think that i don't care.
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    @AleCx04 yeah, I have noticed that too. If you are calm in panic situation people think you don't care. But in reality, staying calm in panic situation is the best thing you can do: If production servers are down and you are losing money, you need to find the reason and fix it, running around, screaming and crying and snapping at people does not help to get the servers back online.
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    I hear that's usually a trick question. You're supposed to say you're cross platform.
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    @adempus Like you limit yourself to unicode 8?
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