So I finally get code in Xcode able to compile and run after crashing in main()... due to obscure settings in it's build it does not like. Took hours of hunting around, googling, and used up all my craps table luck for the month.

Now, out of the blue, after a good 30 test run, edit, compile, run cycles... BOOM, the god damn thing starts crashing at before main() again. No friggin idea why.

Xcode says SIGABRT to me... yea well I got something for you Apple Xcode... 🖕🏼

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    Where does the Sigabrt occur? When trying to allocate memory or sth? Then it could be a memory leakage problem. Had quite some fun hunting this shit down lately.
    But then again, it's not you, it's xcode... Fun for days!
    Good luck!
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