Douche: So your a programmer ?

Me: Yes

Douche: Excellent, I have an idea.....

Me: No

Douche: cmon bro, week be rich, this screensaver so will make us tons of money

Me: I have a question.

Douche: corz man waddup

Me: do you use a screensaver?

Douche: no, why?

Me: *walks away angrily

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    Did that really happen? If so I'm curious. How does someone think they can make money off a screensaver?
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    Exactly after the first question you already know what's going to happen next.
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    Your first answer should have been 'No' ;)
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    Upvoted cause you started with Douche
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    This is every conversation with my brother-in-law ever. The guy can't even connect to his own wifi, yet has amazing tech ideas.
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    @xroad screensaver and one time a paid screen locker
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    @Orn- even if most ideas are dumb I like to hear people out. They usually have identified some kind of problem and are proposing some kind of solution, even if said solution isn't practical or said problem isn't as widespread.

    This is just stupid.
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    A paid screen locker? So.... randomware? On the plus side, it might be a money maker 😁
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    @Knossos **Ransomware
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    I have an idea for an app... 😂 that's what I had to deal with for the past 3 years or so.
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