Mutual on Tumblr: So what distro do you use?

Me: Zorin OS. I really like it. I'm even considering deleting my windows partition.

Mutual: Really? That doesn't count as a proper distro. Real Linux users only use Zorin on a virtual machine. Use Mint or Kali or something.

Me: It counts. It's not different from any other distro.

Mutual: It's okay to be noob. You can always ask me for advice.

Me: But I've been using Linux for about two years. I don't consider myself a noob.

Mutual: If you're using a shitty distro, then you're a noob.

Me: Okay. Thanks for the advice. (In my mind: fuck off already.)

I don't understand the issue with Zorin OS. Is it because it looks like windows or something? :/

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    No idea, it has a package manager, a shell and you can customize it and get frustrated on a level windows would never allow you to. I started with mint and everything i learned then can be done on zorin too.
    Conclusion: that mutual is irrational (a nice term to describe an asshole)
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    The older you get, the more you understand anyone can use whatever the hell they want; and you learn to respect that.
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    Apparently, the twat doesn't even understand what Linux is. Next time do actually tell him/her to fuck off.
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    More than 26000++?

    I'm getting old...
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    @Zennoe Probably I'll now uninstall my current linux distro and start using unity /s
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    Even a noob wouldn't try to use Kali as main OS..
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    Lots of people don't seem to understand that a computer's operating system is and should be as changeable as a pair of socks. Use zorin as long as you want. And then, if you get tired of it, try something else.

    Real Linux users use what they want.
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    Who's a mutual? Boyfriend? A person? Group admin ? A chat bot ? Ai? -\_(-~-)_/-
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    Real devs don't critique other people's setups or tool choices: they're too busy doing actual work.

    "Sorry, I'm trying to meet a deadline for some paid work. But it's nice of you to offer me advice in your free time."
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    Some people just hate all distros based on Ubuntu because its history with Amazon
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    I wouldn't have been able to handle it after "real Linux users use Kali"

    L337 h@x0r 0\/3r h3r3 6uys!!
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    I've got windows myself, who'd judge me for that anyways?
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    @fuck2code @Alice Yup otherwise it would be waaay too dark in my room! ;P
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    I have used linux for more than 5 years now, and still consider myself a noob, though...
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    ...oh god...please, make it stop... oh no, here they come AGAIN! STOP THE VOICES IN MY HEAD. AAAAAAHHHHHG!

    TL;DR: Fuck that guy, use whatever you want as long as it makes your workflow easier. 🤗
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    I use Windows now only for gaming, Adobe, email, web surfing. Never thought it'd come to that. MacOS is my main OS for everything else now, because I spend a lot of time on it at work (command line, etc). I like that it is BSD based. I still have Linux VMs and a Linux laptop, but they don't get used much anymore.
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    Dearest student is back! :D
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    If you follow someone on Tumblr, and they follow you back, then you guys are mutuals.
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    To be honest, I don't remember making a rant about this. I thought I was hacked or something, but if I was, then how did the hacker know about my conversation with my mutual.

    It was so early in the morning when I posted this—and I didn't sleep—so I was too groggy to realize what I was doing lol.
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    I only use Kali on VMs, and on laptops I don't mind being sacrificed after running a bad command 😭
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    Real devs do not use graphical interface or package managers or anything like that. Not even bash. Use assembly or better, binary to everything!

    Anything other than that and you are just wrong. ¬¬
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    Is that supposed to be a poem or something? xD
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    I'm surprised he didn't pee on your distro to show domination.
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