TL;DR: New(-ish) dev looking for advice to improve workflow and new languages. Hopefully worth a read though :)

Newbie developer here, I took a web applications development class this year since I could take that at another campus rather than do general education courses at my home school, and I have learned and earned a CIW Certification for HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, though I know the certificates do squat if I can't apply myself to them, and I have learned PHP and MySQL.

I want to learn more, technically-applicable languages.

My setup is barebones (to a Linux diehard's eyes), with a gaming laptop that I do a lot of workstation stuff on, an RPi 3 B that I do some Linux-y stuff on, and a less-powerful Development Laptop (that I call a devtop) that I occasionally do work away from home on.

I'm sure most will cringe and weep at my workflow, as I use Windows 10 on both systems and the standard NOOBS software on the pi, and I use Brackets as my text editor, as well as the XAMPP AMP stack for testing.

My biggest questions are what could I do to improve my workflow, and what languages should I learn/apply myself to for real-world application (such as Node.js for live-updating server-side applications or C# for Windows applications)?

Thank you for taking the time to read this, any feedback is helpful! I'm just a high school student with a lot of enthusiasm for development!

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    How much programming experience do you have? If you're new to it what language you learn doesn't matter as much as just learning it. I started with C++ as that gave me a deeper understanding of how to program in general. Moving into C# and Java was easier to do after a year of doing C++.

    As for your workflow it depends. I started out doing text editors and using the command prompt. These days I pay out for an IDE. If you're on windows I'd recommend starting with Visual Studio community as it's free and picking one language to start with.
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    @starrynights89 Thank you for the response! I have had some programming experience writing plugins and mods for Minecraft back when I was 12-13, and I have tried dabbling in game design, but it always fell through due to school complications, so this year is my first year seriously getting into development, and thus far it's been excellent. I am taking interactive game design next school year, and so I feel my efforts are best suited for learning C#, as that is the language used in Unity, the engine they use. I have VSCode (!Community) installed, but I'm afraid of taking the leap since I have quite a few Brackets plugins that help me with my work, such as Emmet, Indent Guides, and Beautify. Does VSCode have plugin support?
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    @starrynights89 Quick Google search tells me they do, I'll try using it
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    @fuck2code Thank you! I will for sure look into that!
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    @fuck2code would you recommend running a VM with arch on a system in which I wouldn't want to remove windows?
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    @headgearhair I dual boot Windows 10 and Antergos so you don’t have to remove Windows
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