I think we should create another github, move every github users there and watch till microsoft buys our company for 2 million dollars.

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    They called it GitLab.
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    @C0D4 Fun fact about the transition: Around 14,000 projects got imported on Gitlab during the hour following the announcement.

    Source: https://steemkr.com/technology/...
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    @Jilano that’s incredible, good to know GitLab is seen as a good alternative 😂

    I use GH for work and GL for personal so I’m not affected by this in the slightest.
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    @C0D4 "How dare you use a tool for what it is... A tool?!"

    On a more serious note, while Gitlab must be happy with this sudden influx of users, I'm sure some of them at least must have been sweating and hopping that everything would hold!
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