That's it. I've had enough.

I lost my job yesterday (again) and the Irish cumstain who lives in the room next to me got pissed last night and kicked my door in because he thought I had his phone(?) and was ignoring him, when I was at work.

Long story short, he ripped my friends back door apart, tried to fight me (which ended with me chasing him down the street with a plank).

Police came and did a wonderful job as always by making us shake hands and 'promise' to leave each other alone.


Oh, and my 'friend' then had a schizophrenic episode and blamed it all on me(?!?). I then went to buy 2 bottles of vodka and decided to get pissed before trying to kill myself.

Ah, I love humans. Dirty, ignorant, blood sucking bags of sweaty meat and delicate bone. I really want to turn this Irish cunt into a skinsack of blood and guts, but I'm waiting patiently. He's going to wake up one night tied up and gagged, with me dragging him to a forest somewhere far far away...

Is it weird that I want to make him scream, cry, and shit himself at the same time?

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    *backs away slowly*
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    @GMR516 hehe, I'm not that bad. My rule in life is don't annoy me and you'll keep all your teeth :)

    My housemate broke this rule, so his are coming out. All of them. One. By. One.
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    Why were you fired tho?
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    Fucking grade A rant.
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    @JKyll some snotty little shit was making work miserable for everyone (I worked at McDonalds) and thought he knew it all. So when he elbowed me in the back and said fuck off, I swung around and slammed him in the side of his head :).

    Don't fuck with me. Ever.
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    @rootshell well my life's one big joke, so I figured I'm only on this crappy planet for entertainment.
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    @DucksCanCode nothing of meaning was lost my friend.
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    @JKyll apart from my job and one of my best friends. I sent her a drunk text I probably shouldn't have
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    I’ve legit had dreams about killing one of my old roommates.

    Your whole thing seems like a giant clusterfuck so I hope you’re ok.

    Only advice I suppose is to get on out of there.

    Sucks on the job front too dude, I’ve known the pain of losing multiple jobs.
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    @Brolls these aren't dreams they're fantasies. And thanks man, it's nice to be able to relate. Is everything cool with you?
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    @Brolls and I am doing soon, I'm meant to be evicted next month...
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