It was late night after work I went into Macdonald's take-away:

Me: Can I have a Maharaja Mac Medium Meal with extra regular fries?

Guy: Yes sir, that will XX.XX amt.

Me: Gives him my card.

Guys: So what's the pin?

Me: What??

Guys: The Pin sir.

Me: Are you ok? Who the hell shares a pin with you?

Guy: Sir, we don't have a wireless swipe machine.

Me: So why is it a take-away if I have to come inside and drop my pin anyways?

*Guy looks awkwardly at other employees. :/

I had to finally get out of the vehicle and I took another 15 mins seperately explaining him why cards have a security pin and that the word security isn't a joke before the pin. With this, I might have also slipped in some GDPR cookie policy along with it. and why Microsoft bought GitHub. Good Lad. He will learn.

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    I love the fact that an Indian big mac is called a maharaja mac
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    Good on you for not giving the PIN to him. That would've made me sad.
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    @monr0e And I love how a drive-thru is called a take-away
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    And I love your handle is macDev
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    @mundo03 Hahahahaha I should have mentioned that to the guy there as well. Should've asked him to join DevRant. ^_^
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    Same thing has happened to me in a restaurant where they had a wireless machine and didn't want to bring it to the table! Then he gave me some shit about it being a high end place.
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    @MacDev I'm impressed how you took some time to explain the security issue!

    I wonder how the life gonna be like if everyone tries to explain a process from their expertise perspective with simple words.
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    I wouldve just looked wierdly at him, staring him dead in the eyes while slowing rolling up the window.
    After that, i would maintain the eye contact and slowly drive away.

    Aaand then maybe park and walk in to purchase my food and take it with me in the car.
    But thats just me :)
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    @JiggleTits Hahahahaha that would be me as a kid, I realised later I can do "adult" now. :D
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    @MacDev i like to make things fucked up when im with friends :P

    Last week i needed toilet paper, so i purchased 5 packs of 10 rolls, put it on my skateboard and sat ontop down the hill xD
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    @JiggleTits Is that why JiggleTits :p jk
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    That escalated prettty fast.
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    @mundo03 and I like how in the US they really don’t give shit about card security /s
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    Well, maybe he was pretending to be naive to keep collecting card data and pins :)

    To me, that guy is a freaking genius of social engineering
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    @jeeper I though this was india.
    But I guess stupid people are al arpund the flat earth too
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    @mundo03 idk about op’s origin. But in the US for purchases under $50 they don’t even ask for a pin or a signature. They just swipe/chip the card and all it a day.
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