One of my best mentors was my father!

When i was very, very young (like 8 years old), he brought a new computer from his work! The first thing he did was play Doom (lol) but later, he always tried to show me all the things that could be done, coding in VB6.

He always told me: "You can use this to make the computer do what you want to do! You can do many things!". Even if at that time I did not understand much, he always tried to explain me how to develop a calculator or even a "Hello World" but with the name of my mother.

I will never forget his face of happiness, when I simulated a face that blinked with a counter. I do not even remember how I did it, but he hugged me so hard lol.

A couple of years ago, he was the first to try my first application on Android: An application that screamed when you shook the phone lol. He laughed a lot with that application.

He helped me in my university and we even developed several solutions together for different companies. Now we work separately, but he was an important part of what I am now.

PS: My english is kinda rusty, so forgive me ><.

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    Amazing! My Father is more the "Don't hack the NSA" guy
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    This is so sweet I wanna do this for my future kids
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    You have a new sub
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    got me right in the feels...
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    Awesome! You must have made him very proud.
    Sadly none of my kids is intrested in programing. :(
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    @DataJockey Sadly to hear that my friend, but don't be sad! Surely they are going to achieve their dreams, maybe not as a developer, but i bet they got an awesome dad loving them, that's all they need ^^. Ty for your comment, you are amazing!!!.
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    @nobes There was one time when we talked about hacking a ATM to drop money at will, just like John Connor on Terminator lol. But in the end, he always told me: "...Well, i think it is possible, but don't try any stupid thing! You are gonna get caught!". Thanks so much for your comment ^^!.
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    Hold on i got this
    *try not to cry*
    *lie on my back*
    *cry a lot*
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