QA: It's not working.
Me: Are you getting 503 errors?
QA: No, just the one.

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    😂 lol
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    ah my favourite... I used to get reports like:

    Report: "Urgent!!!!!!Login fail" (no screenshot, no further explanation)

    the support team didn't learn until I took their lead to my desk, showed him how I can't do anything without the context and said from now on I will be closing all tickets like this as "won't fix".

    Worked like a charm!
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    @Floydian cmon, we both know that's not true :) my bf was in support for a long time, so was one of my best friends, and i was in QA. You're in QA too, too many smart people in it already to ever call them dumb collectively :)
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    Hahaha this is goddamn relatable 😆
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