Ok dudes, theres something id like to get a bit of help with.

So lately ive always been struggeling with this constant fear of dying that makes me overthink everything.

Im not afraid of the pain or the experience of dying. Im afraid of the meaninglessness of my life before (the current one)

I know that we are just animals, yet i cannot get over this creeping feeling of the unknown

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    Mark Twain has some advice for you ; )
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    @carlosjpc oh! what is it? Wikipedia left me alone there (atleast skimming didnt help)
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    @elcore but according to them, everything is meaningless, which is kinda what im scared of
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    @gnulinuxer4fun he said that the same state of nothingness that we were before being born is what awaits us after dead.

    Im afraid that you need religion for anything more trascendent.
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    The idea of meaning comes from humans so you actions and life have meant as they relate to humans. One reason isolation is very hard to handle for long periods
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    I had a similar issue for a while, and in isolation it still creeps up.

    What gives me solice is my belief in reincartion. Both on a scientific and philosphical level. *strokes beard*

    I look at life as one giant system of death and rebirth. Things die, they go into the ground, the ground produces new life etc. In space stars die off, their matter becomes new stars and new planets are born. And through all this the history and essense of said life is passed down and reincarnated again.

    Humans draw upon history and feel a connection with our ancensitry on a primal level even if we don't "remember" said history on a personal level. The difference between how our minds work on the conscious and unscious level. The point is, I think we pass down our lives again repeatidly and nothing is ever lost completely.

    I guess spending hours alone coding does this too me, but it helps calm me down enough to carry on in life.
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    Increase the meaningfulness of your life. Be the change lol.

    Your welcome, I'll send you my bill. ;p
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    Alexander Lowen used to say that fear of death is connected to fear of life (or fear of not be fully alive, or living life in full). This concept is a good food for thought.

    Maybe that fear is just a way your mind found to tell you to look and do different things.

    If you like to read, I would suggest two interesting books about meaning of life:

    Séneca - On the shortness of life

    Viktor Frankl - Man's Search for Meaning
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    Well there are a few... Ideally you should set goals that you want to achieve but the main point is you need to figure out what meaning means to you. Life itself is meaningless.

    If you want to feel needed, make more connections, relationships, volunteer.

    Personally, I just go by "do whatever the hell I want", maximize the Now.

    You can also look at mindfulness, meditation, self reflection. That's probably a bit of how I got to where I am now. Used to be all about career but health issues always a problem.. now i just see work as a means to pay the bills and I spend more time just enjoying life, do whatever makes me happy.

    I have no interest in leaving a legacy... Or fixing the world's problems... Maybe that's selfish but who cares? Yes I don't have many relationships in life and not exactly a ppls person.

    Article I read, somewhat relevant maybe... Good sure in general, very thought provoking stuff.

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    @jeeper but... Im not isolated, am i?
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    @gnulinuxer4fun for a moment, i thought you were afraid of DIYing! come to think of it, that makes sense, too.

    "bet life, not death."
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    @S-Homles scrolled too far for this!
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    The fact that you're self aware has already given it meaning.
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    Being a blood donor is an easy way to literally save peoples lives. (Achievement unlocked)

    As for Death, I don't think you can experience nonexistence, so meh.
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    The realization that life is intrinsically meaningless is the greatest liberation of all. Since there is no meaning, no purpose, you are completely free to do whatever YOU want with it, and nobody can tell you you've been doing it right or wrong.
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    @fuck2code Wow! the 13 first pages are amazing already!

    Thanks! it will give a lot of meaning to my next statistical 4/5 of my life
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