Me and the unofficial CTO (3rd party's CTO) are interviewing an ios dev. (I'm an android dev, btw)

CTO: In your view, would you find developing an ios app would be faster or at the same speed as an android dev?

Me: *shock*

Canidate: I've never developed on Android before, but I'd think it would be the same speed. We both need to make screens, views, and type code.

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    good answer
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    Depends on the wpm 🙃
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    Slower. HIG amongst other guidelines will fuck you in the ass with iOS dev submission but Play store will accept any dogshit.
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    @Wabby, I think he meant more on raw development of features.

    I'm currently the only dev on the team, and without seeing the code, they think I'm slacking til I give a presentation of the current app state.

    We finally did hire an ios dev, he's missed 2 sprints (so far) in the attempt to catch up with me in a quicker time. "android had 1 month to do those features, I'm sure the ios can do it in 1 week. It's SIMPLER, right?"
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    @Zyphuris55 hardness never changes. if one thing gets simpler, another thing got harder
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    @f7u12 "candidate", :-/. I'm a phonetic speller and coding has replaced my mother tongue (which was English).
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