Using Sololearn: feel like a pro.
Open Devrant: feel like a noob.

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    well only a noob will rm -rf /

    Jokes aside, we all start somewhere :)

    I went through the same last year, but kept learning and working on my self and I can now say, one year ago I was a noob this year I'm a less of a noob lol but at least I learned a lot and ranters helped a lot too
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    @gitpush indeed, we all are working to be lesser noob.
    Hope to see you around when I will be a better version of myself :)
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    Are you a pro now ?
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    @2noob still I feel like a noob. But when I am able to resolve Junior's issues, they feel that I am a pro
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    @rm-rf-root three years later I'm still less noob still didn't reach the pro level yet 😅
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