Coding Teacher: "you'll need your laptops for the exam. To prevent you from cheating I'll disable the network now"

...pulls out the network cable on his machine...

"okay you can start now"

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    Oh God please no
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    And they are suppose to know more than us...
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    @kvsjxd The ranter means(I think so), that the teacher pulled his LAN cable out of his machine, but not at the laptops of the students.
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    @Gatgeagent oh....really?
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    @fmarcelinopt because the "wifi" is actually a spoofed access point that goes thru his PC so he can spy on what u do in his class. Thus, pulling out the cable does work!
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    😂😂😂 well.. you can't fix stupid. Let's hope he just has a terrible sense of sarcasm / humor, or was doing that so he wouldn't get in trouble but secretly wanted you guys to be able to Google and stack overflow.
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    Need more info. Do you usually connect to a WiFi access point, or does the teacher infact create an ad-hoc wifi hotspot via the Internet connection he is getting from the cable? One scenario he is idiotic the other makes sense.
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    Couldnt they just create a proxy? Lame :/
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    It happen in my university too. Student can prepare or bring whatever they want as long as everything offline
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    @ekevjn I bring the hacked answer key to the test? :)
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    @billgates it's practice test so that fine since no one check your laptop. In theory test, we have to use official program which lock your computer when you enter the test but what ever system is, as long as it based on resource like computer we can break that. For example we can fire up VM and enter test without losing control our we can use team view during the test. Some use wireshark to capture other student answer, some modify test client to display answer which get from university server or his own server.
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    @Jop- lol they do it in Syria too but not College exams, just the qualifying exams to college, they take down all kinds of gsm, wireless and put interfering devices in the classes, it's nice that I've made it to college those old lovely days
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    WTF is a Coding Teacher? Is the professor for Coding 101 at Coding University?
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    Yeah 500 +1 on 1rant, have fun with your squeeze ball
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    When I were in school they used to kick off users from the Internet. However, we were still connected to the network. I then created a local chat server and passed the local ip around.
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    Umm what about the wifi hotspot on my phone?
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    Student: damn, my SFTP tunnel just died
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