//long rant but worth it ;)

In our class, we had some writing in Word.

I was the smart PC guy in the class which everybody asked for info. Even the teacher sometimes asked me.

There was a girl in class which I didn't really like, because she had a snoopy attitude and thought she is a queen.

In MC Word you can hide the toolbar with the little arrow on the top right below the close button.

Somehow the girl hid the toolbar and didn't know to let it reappear again. After half a hour the teacher got to the next lesson.

She held her hand up and reported to the teacher that here PC has problems. After 10 minutes try & error from the teacher he even didn't get it.

Now the teacher started the rant and shout at her: "How did you even manage to do this? Did you upload a virus? I bet it is a virus! Do you know how much it costs to repair this pc? It's sure over 1000 $."

The rant continued for 15 minutes. After that I felt a bit guilty and even I didn't like that girl, but nobody deserves such a harsh treatment.

Without saying anything I went to the computer, clicked the little arrow and the problem was solved. The teacher didn't say anything to this topic. Just said we can go early.

Sometimes dump people make a elephant out of a fly, just because they don’t know it better…

Well the girl still stayed a cunt till the end of my scholarship.

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    Lol. Nice one. I hope there are no Hollywood people browsing this app, else we'd see a stupid rom Hollywood movie based on this.
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    “I bet it's a Virus!“ damn... ๐Ÿ˜…
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    @MoboTheHobo you are German, am I right?
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    $1000 to fix a virus. LOL. Just ask they sys admin to reinstall Windows.
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    @SirWindfield Yep, from Switzerland ;)
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    @MoboTheHobo knew it, the sentence structure gave it away :D
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    Cunts cannot appreciate gallantry, whatever the gender of the cunt.

    Dont lose heart though, some day you will meet that girl that thinks you're a two click hero!
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    @SirWindfield that's actually quite interesting. I'm also swiss (german speaking) and i didn't notice anything special about the sentence structure. What exactly gave away that the author is german speaking?
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    @Aaronmacaron mostly the elephant of sentence^^ gonna take a look later, currently gaming :)
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    @ the girl stayed a cunt.

    Technically you are not wrong regardless of her behaviour!

    I also like how everything is, out of all things, most likely a virus.
    The mouse doesn't work? Probably a virus!
    Monitor has dead pixels? Probably also a virus!

    To me this sounds like:
    Hey my lightbulb went out, i bet it's the russians! Or better even, China! China been breaking into my home again, breaking stuff!
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    @Aaronmacaron the comma before because. Info for information. Let it reappear sounds almost like "es wieder sichtbar machen". Didn't say anything to this topic - > sagte nichts zu dem Thema. Das sind meistens Sätze, die, wenn direkt übersetzt, teilweise ihren Sinn verlieren. Man sieht diese "strukturen" aber oft in Texten. Für deutschsprachige sehen Sie halt normal aus, weil wir sie eben so kennen.
    Also daran hab ich es erkannt ^^
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    @SirWindfield ok thanks forโ€‹ the explanation :)
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    For those who were confused,
    "dump" -> "dumb"
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    that click worth 1000$
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    Aw, the leadup was like the start of a porn, how did it end that badly :(
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    Until resolving the issue, it's upright the script of "you are wanted" on Amazon
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    It would have been a great plot twist if teacher blamed you for hiding it.
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