Told us to use facebook or google drive to share code instead of git

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    *autistic screeching*
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    Who said that? I also once saw a team of "programmers" with a degree in CS who saved their code in Google Drive. Lol.
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    Outlook is the best
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    Yahoo mail ftw
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    Zip it to a flash drive
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    Use pendrive.. Easy and safe 😏
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    An other option would be to write down all the changes on paper and hand it to everyone so they can update their code.
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    @crafter why not tell them individually?
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    Use git and backup the local repo on cloud. Nice to have your work with you + git tells you when the sync messes up :P

    Crazy without source control though.
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    I'm trying to learn here... what does it mean by "wk44" (tag in this rant)
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    @lwhken week44
    Goto weekky rant
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    @lwhken it should show the week 44 weekly rant prompt (worst dev/CS teacher) at the top of this rant if you are on mobile, but the web still needs some catch up if that is what you are using
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    If your teacher tells you to adopt this as a proper source control... Leave the classroom, go to the administration office and ask for a refund of your tuition fee.
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    Use Instagram for sharing code. Just make a Selfie of you and your code (make sure your head does not cover any crucial parts). Then share the Selfies with your colleagues. That way you even don't need git blame, because you get the face with the code.
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    I prefer Instagram. Builds "Coding stories" too.
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    I'd share the pics of code as status on snapchatified WhatsApp.
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    @ohmylacooon our teacher
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    'Instead of git'
    As in "Do not use git" ?

    Positively mental. :-/
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    Kill the teacher.
    I know a place we can hide him.

    Noone will know
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