I accidentally wiped my entire drive because I fed my program the string: C:/Program Files/ProgramName/program.exe Without quotation marks and my program interpreted the space as a new command. It tried to delete C:/Program, and then the parent directory, C:/. I actually posted a “rant” on here asking how to recover data if you want to dig through my history.

*Edit* Actually, no, I must have deleted the rant asking about data recovery. My bad.

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    Well this is embarrassing... :)
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    @CluelessBanana Yeah, unfortunately. ;(
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    I remember when i tried to make installer for my program. I set the path to be the program files folder and i included the files in single folder. It was working after instalation but when i tried to uninstal it, it tried to delete the whole program files folder..

    I was supposed to set the path with new folder that is created by instalator. Also i shouldnt have included the files within the folder ...
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    @Gregozor2121 Basically what happened with me, except one more level up. -_-
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