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    RMS did this
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    @h3x0m4nia hopefully no one got blamed unfairly.
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    Yo dawg, I heard you like Wandows. So we installed Wandows on your windows...
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    @eshansingh It's pretty much same everywhere.
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    Why do people always blame windows when they see a BSoD in public space, but when someone see a Kernel Panic, its no longer Linux's fault?
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    @eshansingh got this from an article. Regardless though we got to get pics somewhere eh :p.
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    @sebastian A kernel panic in Linux is usually your fuck up. A Windows BSOD is often just for shits and giggles.
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    @xorith Windows BSoD comes very often from poorly written software, especially software and/or drivers who access hardware in a inproper way.
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    @sebastian Google: Humor. :)
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    this is the best thing ever :D
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    @eshansingh Ideally people post awesome original content, but if something comes from another site and the community has seen it before and feels as you do, downvoting should approriately surpress it
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    I've seen it on a screen at the entrance of the company next door. Like every day around lunchtime for at least a week.
    At least it wasn't outside on the building.
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    Blue wall of death.
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