Consulting/contracting for a company, and their lead developer/ops guy quits without warning. This leaves me as the only one with the somewhat technical know how but without access to do anything to move any changes to production....

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    It also leaves you in a great $$ position. It's you! 😊
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    Haha I wish. I'm actually working with them to fit their budget, to an extent since it's a small company. They're my first official client outside of friends of friends or family so I'll see how this goes.
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    Run! Any idea why their dev quit? He/she knows something you don't.
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    Well looking through the code more, we're finding that the code he solely wrote to get this thing running is complete shit. I knew it was possible to write shitty code with Ruby and doing things the Rails way, but never thought I would find someone break every convention...
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