Blockchain can solve everything

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    Is this fake news?
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    @JKyll OMG how dare you doubt this 1337% legit news of these intellectual groups called "human journalists" when you -a mere human- don't have access to such treasures
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    @bigworld12 unfortunately modern media delegitimizes itself so often it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish satirical news from 'real' ones.
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    @maushax "This is blockchain that will create AI/ML and it will create blockchain 2.0"

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    Did your puppy die in a fire? See how blockchain could revive that puppy but also integrate it with our VR Cloud Cyber Service.
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    its like the next versoin of carbon-nanotubes, du someone knows that meme.
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    New Reddit app sucks
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    Unfortunately, this is legit...

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    It's actually not as bad as it sounds once you read it
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    They actually forgot to use AI powered VPN to power the blockchain... It's like way more secure and effective.
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