Hating Microsoft is not about how bad is this or that feature because they failed in making it responsive, neither should it be blessed for its new outstanding opensource projects.

Microsoft is a marketing company, they don't have new ideas, breakthrough projects, inventions... no, they just copy the market and make/buy their own replicate of the trending services.


Microsoft is just using the cold comfort of today instead of making a change but is also destroying the bright, enthusiastic, but poor brains of the modern society.

You are fool by using Visual Code, you are a manipulated sheep, a slut which innevitable follows the propaganda of the enemy of progress.

I an not going to stand here and support my enemy, I delete Visual Code.

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    [Citation needed]
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    Well the slut life it is 😎
    Ain’t no fucking way I’m going to eclipse, and atom is slow and resource hungry, I can’t be fucked with the hype of vim/sublime so meh, vsCode, you and I will be dev sluts together.
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    @RustyCookie damn you out slut me 😅
    Does it count if I hackintosh a VM inside windows install wine and run vsCode? 🤔got to get this slut title back somehow 😂
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    @RustyCookie alright fine, I’ll go pull my 05 MacBook Pro out of the closet and attempt to run wine , then I can have a glowing heavy as fuck Apple and backlit keys that hurt the eyes.

    Vintage Sheeple slut 😏
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    This doesn't make any sense. Microsoft has changed a lot from its past. And This is the first time am seeing hate towards VSCode, even the darkest of MS haters I have seen so far loves it, lol 😂
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    Welcome @Consolelog, to the fellowship of sluts.
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    I use Microsoft Office on Linux. And I don't switch because I think it's better than Libre Office.

    Sign me up for the slut train. 🤐

    I did use VScode but switched to Vim.
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    Vscode in the water is turning the frogs gay
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    @htlr I believe that it's not a matter change but a matter of adaptation and the word "open source" is just a bait for the products that they wouldn't be able to market. Making an open source text editor is just a neccessity to have a direct influence over a majority of developers and it's working. Do you think the product would have been wo succssesful if it wasn't open source? Why don't they make their major products opensource?
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    Cool bruw
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    I use LibreOffice on Windows, what does that make me?
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    @RustyCookie hipster? No I’m no hipster, just flaunting my vintage years 😂

    @Consolelog is it vintage or new?

    @starrynights89 it’s one thing I agree with, MS office is a suite of its own, the alternatives are unfortunately lacking.
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    @Buggz you turned to the dark side, no slut badge for you!
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    I'll order some crackling red LEDs then.
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    Well damn, guess I'll just have to wear my "Hello, I am a slut" badge proudly then.
    It's a shame that I'm a slut just for disagreeing with you tho.
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    I wanted to add a catch phrase to attract audience and then make my statement but I did not expect my audience to be so caught up with my catch phrase in such a primitive way and not comment on my statement itself, I just wanted to hear what you think about the rest of the text ...
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    Same applies for the office suite of bloatware. It’s fucking crap, and get’s even crapper with every release. Crap bollocks shite. Fucking ribbon, fuck off you useless wank brained Microsoft Morons. cunts... cunts.... cunts. UX and UI are alien to Microsoft. Bastards. I hate Microsoft (in case you hadn’t noticed), although they have dramatically made massive progress on the hardware front since Ballmer (cunt) left.
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    @funvengeance > Why don't they make their major products opensource

    Because, as you already said, they're a business
    They have to make money too

    I don't see how that would prohibit them somehow from making other FOSS. VS Code is free and open-source, what's your problem with that? That it was made by a major company?

    Even if that was a marketing strategy, what do they want to market with that? Their own products? That makes perfect sense to me, wouldn't you do the same thing?
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    Microsoft is and forever will be behind the times, it’s what they do best in a lot of fields.

    Although they have stepped into AR and the hololense looks like a promising product besides it being $4,000 and if they do make it consumer ready then they’ll be that step further then what Google did with the Glass.

    As for marketing, I don’t exactly see “Azure Ads” or “Ms click choices” so not sure what you’re on about there, but they sure as hell self promote a lot.

    Plus them getting into open source is a bonus and will set them up for along time to come, vsCode wouldn’t be popular if it wasn’t open source, but then VIsual Studio is a pile of shit so they had to do something different to target developers outside of C# / .Net
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    @funvengeance You should be really careful on devRant judging people by their soft or hardware choices. If you make really bold claims without providing first hand experience or examples as to why something is bad you will get laughed at.

    Let me put you in the same position:
    Regardless of what car you drive, it sucks, and therefore you the driver are a blistering idiot that can't drive for shit.

    Would you take anything I say serious after that point if I said that?
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    @Krokoklemme This rant has nothing to ro with VS code.. I don't mind if you guys use Notepad to code, it's your personal choice. But what has Microsoft innovated in? What has it truly given to the world?

    In the series Silicon Valley there is this coder who has skills, motivation and a chance to create and then comes the CEO which is like "lets dump the innovative idea and lets sell a box". I don't mind Microsoft's products, my problem is the lack of creativity in the company itself.
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    @C0D4 I think C#, VS AND VScode are solid. I think it's marketing company because they bring an OS to the regular guy who is not rich enough to have a Mac, nor is he too robust to use Linux and that's their thing. That's what they enhance in creating already created products but aiming them into a wider variety of customers in which there is notying creative, scientific but rather capitalistic.

    Yes, they need money and they need to be doing that but they don't invest in anything creative but making more money and that makes me sick.
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    @DLMousey it's not about MA Frrrreeeedom, I would pay for a lot of thr software products(but I'm broke :d). Yeah, they make contributions to open source society but they do that only to influence people and make even more money from it, it's like these internships in which you get thought, you get paid and then you become a slave for 2 years or so.. Yeah they dis hell of a job with VScode and it's opensourced but.. they are forced in doing so, because they couldn't make you use their txt editor otherwise, they have the potential to do miracles but they'd rather save em for when they are pushed by the wall.
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    @beggarboy First I said that to make you read my post, Second, you took me seriously cuz you might have not read my post and commentated otherwise, 3rd - It's not about software preference. 4th- I claim that Microsoft is a degenaritive company and the world would've progressed more if it wasn't there
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    > This rant has nothing to do with VS Code

    What now? I read your post, and not because of the caps headline. If you really need provocative statements to get people to read your post thats sad. Most of devRant reads the post entirely without any clickbait.

    First you insult group x

    Then you realize you fucked up and row back

    And now you say its not about group x when its the first sentence in caps.

    What you're saying doesn't make sense. You're saying microsoft did nothing when in reality the battle between them and Apple took the tech industry flying. Yes we all "hate" windows and servers here and there, but making claims left and right about big bad microsoft in general while switching your pov mid post is something else.

    I don't wanna get insulting but don't use degenerative if you can't even spell it yourself.

    You can rant all you want but if you're spewing big words back them up.
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    Furthermore you want your post to be read, but complain that I take it serious.

    What the fuck?
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    @beggarboy VScode is a hell of txt editor, but... You are a fool if you are using VScode.... if you are using it because it's open source. You are fool if you wouldn't have used it if it wasn't open source. What is the difference for you when it's opensource, what have you made out if it. Because for me and I believe for others it was just a bait into making me using it. Sublime can do the same thing. Which brings me to the main idea: Microsoft works on making you use their Sublime++ not by adding something outstanding but by targeting the " it's open source, I trust it" people. Like the time I told my boss I've done that feature with a Supervised Machine Learning algorithm but what I really did was the same old logistic regression that I've always used but he was proud, he like it he acted the same "oh, it's a ML algorithm, then it's doing work".

    I admire your argument about the competition with Mac, tho. Thank you for having rational argument about the topic.

    Sorry about my english
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    @beggarboy well you read it, we are having a discussion, that's all I want, maybe it's working, either way I am succsseful, so I don't give a fuck about it.
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    @DLMousey There are "linux" people who hate on MS but use VScode because it's open source. I say they are fools in saying " MS is changing, they are doing open source etc... ". I say MS is manipulatung you in believing in that.

    When MS joins the Linux foundation, that's because they get more control, because they get to buy a seat at the board of the directors, not because they changed and the started believing in open source.

    MS is not using open source to create good software to which everyone can contribute, it is using it as a tool to get more influence, more money, more control.

    By doing so, by buying small, enthusiastic companies, they deny that potential progress, and use it to see the trends, copy the market and create Sublime++ or AWS# or PS.Net

    Your strong argument is that by doing so the comptetion gets bigger and the other players who have similar services have to push harder.
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    You sound so much like a conspiracy theorist it's almost scary.

    You got a discussion, but we could've had a GOOD discussion.
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    Look, I work for a Fortune 500 company so let me give my 2 cents here: Microsoft can't radically change because of their size.

    And I know this because my company can't change radically. We work in an extremely niche market that is dependent entirely on contracts. We fuck up hard enough and there isn't a new revenue stream we can jump on.

    Look at Windows 8. That was Microsoft trying a risk and the user base did everything to opt out. Windows UI has not changed much since '95 for a reason.

    And open source has to play the same game if it wants to make money. I love i3 and Vim but it's Red Hat and Oracle's boring Linux distros that keep Linux relevant outside of being a hobby.
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    @Buggz yeah, I kinda am but I wanted to have a good discussion which did not quite work but I prefer this than another cntrl+c cntrl+v or ruber duck joke.
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    @starrynights89 I work with legacy code and I know it's hard to move ahed with the new technologies, and I known that in my cases is practically impossible.

    I am crystal clear about the fact that MS has to make a profit to survive and I understand that the boring projects make the profit.

    But you know what, Google is also having the same problems but Google has some cool neat, unique side projects.

    name me one MS product which is Unique, or at least they were the first to do such a thing? (Besides Windows which gave a reliable OS to the regular person)
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