Buddy: Let's invite the buds and do something. Snorkel? Swim? Movie?
Me: Sure.
Him: when?
Me: sometime.
Him: tomorrow?
Me: someday
Him: soon?
Me: soon.
Him: Let's do this.
Me: Let's .

It's been two weeks since then. 😂
This pretty much sums up my social life.

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    Well my situation is opposite...
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    I've been planning to plan a trip with a friend but we've both been so busy that we still haven't planned to meet up. So we have to plan to plan to plan the trip that we were originally supposed to take next month. And the initial thought came up in early May. So yeah, you're better than us.
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    @Gregozor2121 you mean you actually want to socialise?

    For any outing, like a simple, going out for food or something big like going on a trip would have a delay for me. Its proportional in a way. The bigger the event, the more delay it takes for it to actually happen.
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