I'm so conflicted! My brother just opened VS Code and tried evangelizing me on the benefits of using a light theme! Should I disown him? Secretly sabotage his development environment? This is very distressing. Suggestions? Lol

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    You should not give a fuck. His choice.

    Let his eyes suffer and he'll realize how bad light themes are.
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    @Alice or he'll realize he could get the same effect by staring at the sun and just ditch light themes for going blind by looking at the sun lol
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    @Alice of course it is! Unless it's a cloudy or rainy day, the sun is shining bright for several hours a day, making it even more convenient for you to go blind looking at it!
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    @Alice It definitely is though lol

    My eyes used to become dry and tire out much earlier than before I used dark themes.

    I'd have a lamp on, a light theme active, with some bright LEDs slowly changing in the background. Cut on a dark theme and I can get a few more hours before it hurts to look at the computer screen lol
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    @Alice I did during the solar eclipse a few months back. (Looked with and without shades.)

    It made my eyes tired and they hurt like shit.

    (This is for you and @oudalally) I genuinely don't give a fuck about what a person uses. It was a joke in the first place but it's gone on far too long now to the point it's basically become a light vs dark war.

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    @oudalally It's not like I stared without glasses for 15 minutes...

    It was like 5 seconds just because I wanted to see what it looked like to the naked eye.
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    Persuade him to join the dark side by quoting star wars all week.
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    Disclaimer: unpopular opinion inbound

    I prefer light themes,
    I’m to blind to use them any more.
    Light themes did not cause this.

    Finding a dark theme that doesn’t suck cock and wants to make me rip my eyes out due to stupidity and overly contrasting colours is painful as fuck.
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    I like light themes in well-lit rooms and as research shows, that's actually better for your eyes unless you work in a dark environment, in this case rather use a dark theme or turn your lights on.

    But people still have their opinions and that's ok (although you're all wrong hahahaha!)
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    Watch yourself - always remember psychopaths tend to use light themes
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    @fml89 I know where you live...
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    @C0D4 same. How’s Melbourne winter?
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    @fml89 strangely warmer then usual today for this time of year.
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    @Alice I can verify that one 😂
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