Hey hey hey, stupid poll time! Yay!
Okay it's only the second one but let me dream

If you had one of each thing that makes your dev life what it is, which one would you pick?

Let me explain a bit: I mean IDE, drinks, language, coworker, project... If you had to keep ONE think in each "category" of your job, what would they be?


Mine would be:

JavaScript (I know some others are better, it's just my most fluent one), Atom IDE, Orangina (drink, for the ones not knowing) and my most powerful laptop out of the two. Those would be the things I'd keep if I had to.


Please don't bash me on my crappy question, I'm just wondering >.<

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    I mean I probably would have to choose the language, IDE and computer I use at work, so I could keep my job. But I always have a lot of drinks and snacks around, so if I had to choose I'd go with Skittles and Effect Energy here.
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    Drink - Water

    Language - I'm not sure. I'm not pro proficient in anything, so it's hard to pick.

    IDE - again, not too sure. VS was pretty good when I used it in class.

    Can I keep a laptop I find in a store instead of mine? It'd be a nice upgrade.
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    @Stuxnet If you've got the money for the laptop, I can't say no :P
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    @sharktits Are you calling me a monster or is it the energy drinks?
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    The drink
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    @sharktits That's what I thought :)
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    C#, Visual Studio, Gluten Free Peach Tea and my beautiful laptop
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