Recently one of my friends got an internship in front-end web, today he messaged me "dude, where I can find a responsive template for xyz category." I gave the link to that.

I told, "why you guys not using bootstrap to make responsive, to begin with".

He said, "my mentor said no to that."

I'm like, you guys download a fucking template but can't use bootstrap. wow.

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    the template you've sent uses bootstrap ( อก° อœส– อก°)
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    @heyheni *spoiler alert
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    @Alice more like "you're an intern you can't do shit, I don't trust you."
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    Bootstrap is like a crutch if you call yourself a frontend developer you shouldnt need it. Havent used BS since when i was still a backend developer XD i want my interns to learn, you dont learn shit using BS, or jQuery for that matter, another thing i suspect you and your friend also use often
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    Whatever y'all, css frameworks are made to give consistency in design and make your life easier. If you need something completely unique, fine. But ui design style is like clothing, their are trends and they change. Material design is huge right now, so I use materialize for my projects and I get praise for the way my projects look. Work smarter not harder!
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    @psukys Correct me if I'm wrong but compare this input style: https://mdbootstrap.com/angular/...

    to: gmail sign in page input

    also: youtube chat input

    here is a youtube chat example on right side of the page: https://youtube.com/watch/...
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    ๐Ÿ˜… I thought you were comparing assets used, as you said they're using not modified version ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜… I guess we can infer a lot by just comparing how a thing looks, but I wouldn't be so adamant about it..
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    That input looks pretty unmodified to me. Or do you mean they created their own, which looks exactly the same? :D I'm sorry to disappoint people but they also use Angular, instead of writing their own thing.

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    Nope, companies are not mandated to use parent company's libraries and frameworks. There are thousands of companies in each country that is owned by Google actually. They are free to use their own individual styles and frameworks.
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    @Alice Yeah, isn't angular a Google framework?
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    @TheOct0 didnt use it since angularjs and it wasn't strictly googles framework, but it was backed by the google. misko and the other dude (and probably team of people) made angular, they were working at google at the time, so google backed them up, thats pretty much it. nowadays idk if google acquired angular completely or it just backs them as it used to with angularjs.
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    I used to use foundation & bootstrap, then I learned CSS
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