Interviewer: So which university are you from?

Me: I am from "foo" university.

Interviewer: So why did you not go to "bar" university?

Inner Me: Wtf kind of a question is that. Why the fuck aren't you a unicorn with pigs flying out of your ass and a globally reknowned researcher at Stanford?
We all end up where destiny takes us. Some of us try very hard but things don't magically happen for us. We keep trying but at the end of the day you end up where you end up.

Real Me: I just finished my High School and had the entry test the next day. I was not prepared at all.

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    Mah Lyf, Mah Choice 🤘😎🤘
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    Interviewer: “why do wanna work here?”
    Inner me: “I need money to live asshole”.
    Actual Me: “because your company is best in town”
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    Interviewer : what university did you do ?/
    Me : the one i can afford
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